Grand Jury To Decide NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart’s Fate

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. (AP) _ A grand jury will decide whether NASCAR driver Tony
Stewart will be charged in the August death of a fellow driver at a sprint car
race in upstate New York. Stewart’s car struck and killed Kevin Ward Jr. at a
dirt-track race in Canandaigua (kan-un-DAY’-gwuh) on Aug. 9. Stewart issued a
statement saying he looks forward to the process being completed and will
continue to cooperate.

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Houston Rookie Springer To Sit Out Rest Of Season

Houston rookie George Springer won’t play again this season.
He’s been out since July 20th with a left quadriceps injury. Interim manager Tom
Lawless says that team officials and Springer came to the decision together and
decided that getting a few more at-bats this season wasn’t worth the risk of
having a setback.

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Stros Drop One At Home

HOUSTON (AP) _ Corey Kluber struck out a career-high 14 in seven innings as the
Cleveland Indians halted their four-game losing streak with a 4-2 win over the
Houston Astros last night. Kluber allowed one run and seven hits to earn his
third straight win. His previous high for strikeouts was 13 against the Chicago
White Sox on May 4th.

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Rangers Win 4th In A Row

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) _ Scott Kazmir allowed a two-run homer to Jake Smolinski
as the Oakland Athletics lost 6-3 to the last-place Texas Rangers last night.
Oakland made two errors, threw two wild pitches and got another rough outing
from Kazmir to lose for the 15th time in 22 games. The A’s failed in their
attempt to win three straight for the first time since August 7-9.

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Excertpts From A&M Football Media Day


“Last week was a great growing opportunity for our team. For the first couple of weeks, particularly offensively, things went as planned or as scripted. It’s always good that you can have a game where things do not go as planned and still win by four touchdowns. What you have to do there is guys have to see things they haven’t, deal with some adversity, and deal with getting off-script a bit. This week we face a team with basically the same kind of operation. This is second team in a row we’ll play where it has a bye week right before us. They have the opportunity to put some things in that you haven’t seen and do some different things. That’s kind of what happened in that game, and we were able to adjust—particularly at halftime. The good news is our guys adjusted. We were a little bit off early but were able to adjust and talk about it on the sidelines. We’ve been able to play a lot of guys the last few weeks. Shortly we’ll have to settle on who the rotation is up front defensively and who our linebackers are. We went through the game without Jordan (Mastrogiovanni) or Mike Matthews or Cam Clear playing at all. We’ve been without A.J. Hilliard and Shaan Washington all year. That’s part of it, to be able to go through a game like that and win the way we did, I think is something that’s positive. The ability to get a bunch of those guys back over the course of the season, particularly in the next couple of weeks, will help inject a little more athleticism and get our guys going a little more, and get us ready to play this week and try and make a run at the SEC West title.”

On the reaction to June Jones stepping down…

“You guys know how I feel about June. We came in at about the same time and it was just a very competitive league. I’ve known June for a while, and I don’t know everything around the situation, but I know it’s a difficult decision for any coach. From our standpoint we’ll be facing a team which has had that happen and has had a bye week. It’s a prideful program with some prideful coaches and they have a lot of season left to play. You really don’t know what you’re walking into this weekend, to be honest with you. Based on the groundwork that’s been laid there, it can be a pretty hostile environment from a player/coach standpoint because guys have a lot to play for.”

On Armani Watts always being around the ball making plays…

“There’s a reason why you say guys have a nose for the ball. He’s playing really hard. He’s making mistakes that maybe you guys don’t notice but we do as coaches. The one thing you’re not going to accuse Armani Watts of is not playing hard. He loves the game, he enjoys it. He can’t wait. I asked him before we got to Columbia, I said, ‘Hey, you scared? You able to handle all this?’ He said, ‘Shoot I’ve been waiting for this.’ “

On playing in the metroplex…

“This is a contract that was done a long time ago. People ask about our schedule, and I hear other coaches talk about it. We had two things happen. One, we changed conferences, and it became very hard to schedule games in the next 1-2 years (especially) when you drop down to an 8-game conference schedule. Two, I think people really overlook this, is one of our non-conference games previously used to be Arkansas. That game is now a conference game. The schedule changed dramatically. We not only changed leagues but into the same one that Arkansas is in. We’re going to Dallas back-to-back weeks. I think it’s a good thing for us in recruiting. Last time we were up there we had a huge contingency of fans. When we practiced for the Cotton Bowl we practiced at SMU and there had to be couple thousand people out there. I look for that to happen again, to have a lot of Aggies there. Playing in the Metroplex is a good thing for us. The other thing that’s interesting is we caught a break from a game-time scheduling standpoint, not just this week but next week. We have two game times at 2:30, two travel times at 2:30, the same bus trip. We’re looking for the same type of prep Monday through Saturday and the same type of performance and effort these next two weeks. Very rarely at this point in college football do you get to duplicate the same type of situation from a travel and game-time standpoint. I think we caught a break there.”

On the status of Speedy Noil …

“Speedy probably will not play this weekend.”

On the status of Zaycoven Henderson…

“Probable for Saturday. I would say Zaycoven will play Saturday, Mike Matthews will be probable. Jordan (Mastrogiovanni) the same. Cam Clear the same. We’ll see, how about that.”

On Ricky Seals-Jones’ role …

“The impact we thought Cam (Clear) would have in the South Carolina game, with 7 minutes to go in the first quarter, Cam Clear was out. You don’t know at that point if Cam is coming back or not. I thought Jake (Spavital) and the offensive staff did a great job of adjusting the game plan and utilizing Ricky as a move guy. He’s always had talent. He’s had to refine himself as a route-runner. He’s gotten better. Is he there yet? No, but he’s a lot better than he was a year ago. His diversity and being able to move around a bit helps him and creates problems for defenses. That’s helped him. He understands what his limitations are. In high school I think he got away with a lot less technique because he was so much bigger than everybody. As he started to play last year I think he understood ‘I have to start working at my craft. Being big and fast isn’t enough. It’s a pretty good place to start but not enough all the time. He’s gotten tougher, being able to block people, and understands the game more. He’s still a work in progress with his route discipline, kind of like Mike Evans was early. I think he’s really studying the game and wants to be really, really good. And to do that he has to understand the other part of the game and he’s making strides to get there.”

On Myles Garrett …

“If you weren’t at practice you’d probably be surprised. If you watched him practice (in fall camp)…we’ve got two pretty good tackles, and our line is pretty good. And for a guy to walk in here and have the success he did in fall camp…he’s had his moments with every guy on that offensive line. Did he win every time? No. But that’s when you start getting respect from your teammates. Our challenge is to make sure that we are getting him in the position to help him be successful because he’s going to start seeing some different blocking schemes. I saw an interesting stat about (Jadeveon) Clowney only playing between 15 and 20 snaps a game early (as a freshman). Those guys get tired asking them to do a bunch of stuff. We have to manage how much he’s out there. I think we’ve got a rotation that can allow him to not have to play 60 or 70 or 80 snaps a game so he can be fresh and do what he does at a high level, and keep those other guys at a high level. He’s already tied the freshman sack record at A&M and he’s got as many sacks as we had as a team last year. So I guess he’s doing alright. We’ve only played 3 games so we’ll see what happens. I think he’s going to get better. With that, just like everyone else who’s a young player, people start figuring you out too. How he reacts to that will be interesting. But we have to help him out with that too.”


On Nick Harvey performance Saturday…

“He did (well). He did some good things. There are some things Nick is good at right now and some things that he needs to get better at.  I have to know when he is in the game and stay away from some of the things that he’s not good at just yet. Nick is very smooth and has a lot of confidence. I feel very comfortable putting him in some man-type situations but some of the run-support stuff he’s still a little bit a ways away from.”


On how the defense handled not having Jordan (Mastrogiovanni)…

 “It was different obviously. He’s the quarterback of our defense. When you have a true freshman trying to run things…Josh (Walker) got baptized a little bit, and that should help him in the future.”


On preparing for SMU with an interim coach…

”It will be interesting. It will be a game of adjustments Will they stick with what they are going to do or will they tweak it a little bit? They have had two weeks to do some different things. There will be some adjusting going on through the first quarter, no doubt about that.”

On any moment that validated what Myles Garrett could do on the field…

 “That was more from practice, about halfway through camp. And then you didn’t really know until we got to South Carolina. It was kind of a gradual process. He is still a work in progress, and has a lot of work to do. But boy, is he talented.”


On his what he took away from the Rice game…

”We really wanted to work on our scramble rules. The first two weeks we weren’t really good when the quarterback got out of the pocket. I thought that was much, much better. I thought the kids bore down when they got to the red zone and the field shrunk. That was really good to see us bow up a little bit.”



On the offensive performance with Ben Compton playing center…

”I thought the offense moved exactly like it was supposed to. He is a veteran player. He is a guy that has earned that position to go there. It is unfortunate for Mike (Matthews) but at the same time it was good to see Ben go out there and operate. He is a guy where I definitely feel comfortable running everything in the playbook and him operating it and making all the points.”


On the success of the passing game…

”The first game, we started off at South Carolina and we were very quick with our throws because there were a lot of uncertainties going to that game. Going into Lamar we were trying to take some shots. This week we tried to work on our intermediate passing game. I think what is making us successful in the passing game is Kenny (Hill) taking what the defense gives them. He does not have any interceptions right now and he is taking care of the ball pretty well. At the same time (credit) our receivers, Coach Beaty has done a great job. Our wide receivers understand the route-running concept and what we are trying to do and trying to accomplish with the play. The players understand it as well now and they can go out and execute it pretty well. With Kenny and his poise, that calm nature that he has just passes off on everyone else. We did make some mistakes in the Rice game, we had a few drops. But he is one of those guys that is like, ‘Hey, we will get it the next time’. I think you could see that as well with some of the kids that had drops in the game. They stepped up and made plays later.”


On the approach this week without Speedy Noil…

”I don’t think it is going to change anything. I think it’s another opportunity for a kid to step up and make plays. I’m very pleased with all the receivers that we have. It’s unfortunate for Speedy this week, but I think it’s going to give some kids an opportunity to step up and make plays. Ed Pope is going in that position right now, and I think Pope has had a great start to the season. It’s not going to change anything with what we’re doing offensively.”


On Kyle Allen pressing during games…

”I wouldn’t say that he’s pressing. We did 10 drives offensively, and then he comes in for the 11th. The game is pretty out of hand at that point. You’re trying to run the offense efficiently, but a lot of the starters were pulled at that time. He is still trying to compete for that starting job and trying to make a name for himself. I think the kid went in there, he underthrew the post play…a lot of that has to do with the play call from me. He’s going to keep working and is going to be a good quarterback for us eventually.”


On what he expects of SMU with a new coach…

”I don’t think there are going to be many changes defensively. Coach Mason, he has gone up against us and this offense for I think the seventh year running. So he is very familiar with what we do offensively. I’d expect to see nothing new on defense. They are a multiple defense, they are going to show all different kinds of looks. We are going to prepare for anything. These kids I don’t think have anything to lose so they are going to come out and fire bullets at us.”


On Ricky Seals-Jones’ performance through three games…

 “Ricky has had three really good games so far. He keeps getting better as well. He is still learning the position and is still trying to perfect it. He is such a unique body type–he is big, strong and fast. He can bring that physical presence in the blocking game at the same time as stretching the field vertically. I think that puts a lot of stress on defensive coordinators because if you have a guy that can stretch the field vertically and still add gaps in the run game, you have to pick your poison on that. You have to play it differently. He is going to keep improving. He’s fun to watch and has a lot of fun out there.”

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A&M Equestrian Team No. 8 Pre-season Poll

The Texas A&M women’s equestrian team was tabbed yesterday as No. 8 in the country in the 2014-15 National Collegiate Equestrian Association poll preseason rankings, as determined by the NCEA Selection Committee. The equestrian program has won 11 national titles including the 2012 Overall National Championship as well as the 2012 Western National crown. The team will host a Maroon & White scrimmage this Saturday at the new equestrian facility, admission is free. This will mark the first full season in the Hildebrand Equine Complex located on campus. The venue will also host the 2015 SEC Conference Championships, Mar. 27-28. All four SEC schools that have Equestrian teams are ranked in the country’s Top 10.

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Stros Win Again

HOUSTON (AP) _ Jose Altuve (al-TOO’-vay) had three hits to give him 209 this
season and drove in two runs to lead the Houston Astros to a 3-1 win over the
Cleveland Indians last night. The major league hits leader is just one hit shy
of tying the franchise record of 210. Houston starter Collin McHugh allowed five
hits and one run in 6 2-3 innings.

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Hotel Chain Suspending Sponsorship of Vikings

MINNETONKA, Minnesota (AP) _ The Radisson hotel chain is suspending its
sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings after star running back Adrian Peterson was
charged with child abuse in Texas. The Vikings reinstated Peterson one day after
he sat out a 30-7 home loss to the New England Patriots after he was charged
with a felony in Texas for using a wooden switch to spank his son.

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NFLPA Appealing Indefinite Suspension of Rice

NEW YORK _ (AP) _ The players’ union plans to appeal the indefinite suspension
the NFL handed to Ray Rice last week. NFL Players Association spokesman George
Atallah told The Associated Press on Monday “we are expecting to appeal before
the deadline on Tuesday night,” which is 11:59 p.m.

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Monday Night Football

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Nick Foles threw a tying touchdown pass with 3:25 to go,
and then set up Cody Parkey for the winning 36-yard field goal as time expired,
lifting Philadelphia to a 30-27 win at Indianapolis last night. The Eagles
improve to 2-0 while the Colts drop to 0-2.

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Texas A&M Volleyball Catapults Into Top 25

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Texas A&M broke in the American Volleyball Coaches Association’s Top 25 rankings today, crashing in at No. 21 following consecutive victories against top-15 ranked opponents last week.

The Aggies previously had not even been mentioned as receiving votes this season, but they sent shockwaves through the Division I volleyball community last week by stunning both No. 6 USC and No. 13 San Diego in back-to-back matches at the USC Classic in Los Angeles.

A&M, appearing in the AVCA Top 25 for the first time since a No. 21 showing in the 2009 final poll, spoiled USC’s home opener by defeating the previously undefeated Women of Troy, 3-2 (25-23, 15-25, 25-27, 25-13, 16-14), on Thursday. It was A&M’s first-ever victory in nine all-time meetings against USC. It also marked only the second time USC lost to a non-Pacific 12 Conference team at Galen Center, and it was A&M’s highest ranked true road win since stunning No. 3 Hawaii at the 1999 NCAA regional semifinals in Honolulu.

A&M then extended its win streak to five matches and improved to 7-1 on the season by upsetting No. 13 San Diego, 3-1 (25-22, 25-22, 16-25, 25-17), on Friday to go 2-0 at the USC Classic.

The top five ranked teams remained the same in this week’s poll, with Stanford holding the top spot, followed by Texas, Penn State, Wisconsin and Washington, respectively.

In addition to Texas A&M, the Southeastern Conference is represented in the poll by Florida, which climbed three spots to No. 7, and Kentucky, which moved up one spot to No. 15.

Florida State, which comes to Reed Arena Friday and Saturday for a pair of matches against the Aggies, climbed one spot to No. 6. The Aggies and Seminoles face off Friday at 6 p.m. at and then take the court again Saturday at 11 a.m.

There will be several promotional events, including “Social Media Night” and “Fish Camp Night” on Friday. On Saturday, there will be a Girl Scout event in the volleyball practice gym prior to the match. In addition, BINGO cards will be given out, and winning cards can be taken to the 12th Man table to redeem for prizes. Also there will be a post-match autograph session with the Aggie volleyball team.

Visit for more information on Texas A&M volleyball. Aggie fans also can keep up to date with the A&M volleyball team on Facebook and on Twitter by following @AggieVolleyball.

The complete AVCA Top 25 Poll, released Sept. 15, 2014:


School (First-Place Votes)

Total Points



Previous Week


Stanford (52)





Texas (6)





Penn State





Wisconsin (2)










Florida State










Colorado State










Southern California















North Carolina

























Arizona State





San Diego










Texas A&M










Loyola Marymount










Michigan State





Others receiving votes and listed on two or more ballots: Hawai’i 95; Duke 91; Western Kentucky 30; Appalachian State 24; Creighton 23; Kansas State 23; Oklahoma 19; Iowa State 14; Northwestern 8; SMU 8; Santa Clara 6; Louisville 5

Six teams mentioned on only one ballot for a total of 14 combined points.

Dropped Out: Hawai’i 22; Duke 20

Next Poll: September 22, 2014

Story courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

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A&M’s Aiple Repeats as SEC Freshman Volleyball Player of the Week

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – For the second consecutive week, Texas A&M setter Stephanie Aiple has been named the SEC Freshman Player of the Week for volleyball, the Southeastern Conference announced today.

Aiple was named to the all-tournament team at the USC Classic last week after leading Texas A&M to back-to-back victories over No. 6 USC and No. 13 San Diego and a 2-0 tournament record.

The 6-1 Round Rock, Texas, native averaged 11.00 assists per set and directed a balanced A&M offense that hit a combined .312 over the two-day tournament while holding opponents to a combined .219 hitting efficiency.

In the Aggies’ tournament opener, Aiple dished out a career-high 56 assists as A&M hit .319 and defeated No. 6 USC, 3-2 (25-23, 15-25, 25-27, 25-13, 16-14). It marked A&M’s highest ranked win against a host team since 1999, when the Aggies won at No. 3 Hawaii in the NCAA regional semifinal. It also was the Aggies’ first-ever win against the Women of Troy in nine meetings, and A&M became only the second non-Pacific 12 Conference team to ever defeat USC at Galen Center.

Against No. 13 San Diego, Aiple posted 43 assists as A&M hit .303 and defeated the Toreros, 3-1 (25-22, 25-22, 16-25, 25-17). With the win, A&M extended its win streak to five matches and improved to 7-1 overall.

Aiple herself had back-to-back career highs in kills while hitting a combined .476. She posted four kills and hit .429 against USC and then doubled her kills with eight in four sets while hitting .500 against San Diego. She also set a career high with nine points against the Toreros.

A&M returns home to Reed Arena for a two-match series against No. 7 Florida State on Sept. 19-20. The Aggies and Seminoles first face off Friday at 6 p.m. at Reed Arena. There will be several promotional events, including “Social Media Night” and “Fish Camp Night.”

A&M and Florida State will also meet Saturday at 11 a.m. at Reed. There will be a Girl Scout event in the volleyball practice gym prior to the match. In addition, BINGO cards will be given out, and winning cards can be taken to the 12th Man table to redeem for prizes. Also there will be a post-match autograph session with the Aggie volleyball team.

Story courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

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Texas AP High School Football Poll

The Associated Press=
Here is The Associated Press high school poll, with first-place votes in
parentheses, records, points based on 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, and the team’s
ranking in last week’s poll:
^Class 6A=
School Total Points Prv
1. Allen (24) (3-0) 249 1
2. DeSoto (1) (3-0) 223 4
3. Euless Trinity (3-0) 163 5
4. Cibolo Steele (3-0) 151 6
5. Southlake Carroll (3-0) 136 7
6. Pearland (3-0) 96 8
7. Manvel (3-0) 84 9
8. Dallas Skyline (3-0) 74 NR
9. Denton Guyer (2-1) 50 10
10. Katy (2-1) 48 2
Others receiving votes: 11, Cedar Hill 38. 12, SA Northside Brennan 35. 13,
Hewitt Midway 11. 14, The Woodlands 5. 15, Abilene 4. 16, Lake Travis 3. 17,
Austin Westlake 2. 18, Dallas Highland Park 1. 18, Cypress Fairbanks 1. 18,
Amarillo 1. <
^Class 5A=
School Total Points Prv
1. Aledo (13) (2-1) 229 4
2. Cedar Park (3) (2-1) 189 5
3. Lufkin (2) (2-1) 147 2
4. Georgetown (3) (3-0) 138 8
5. Fort Bend Elkins (2) (3-0) 127 9
6. Temple (1-1) 107 7
7. Tyler (2-1) 91 1
8. Mansfield Timberview (1) (2-1) 75 3
9. Lancaster (2-1) 50 6
10. West Mesquite (1) (3-0) 41 NR
Others receiving votes: 11, Rockwall-Heath 40. 12, Austin Vandegrift 33. 13,
Richmond Foster 20. 14, Richmond George Ranch 18. 15, Ennis 17. 16, CC Flour
Bluff 15. 17, Whitehouse 11. 18, Fort Bend Ridge Point 9. 19, Canyon 4. 19,
Canyon Randall 4. 21, Longview 3. 21, Houston King 3. 21, Georgetown East View
3. 24, Crosby 1. <
^Class 4A=
School Total Points Prv
1. Stephenville (19) (3-0) 243 1
2. Navasota (3) (3-0) 216 2
3. Argyle (1) (3-0) 187 3
4. Graham (1) (3-0) 165 4
5. Gilmer (1) (3-0) 160 5
6. West Orange-Stark (3-0) 131 6
7. Kennedale (3-0) 83 10
8. La Grange (3-0) 58 NR
9. Celina (2-1) 45 7
10. La Marque (2-1) 30 NR
Others receiving votes: 11, Fairfield 15. 12, Big Spring 8. 13, La Vernia 7.
13, Van 7. 15, Tatum 5. 15, El Campo 5. 17, Atlanta 3. 17, Port Isabel 3. 19,
Gladewater 2. 20, Carthage 1. 20, Liberty Hill 1. <
^Class 3A=
School Total Points Prv
1. Cisco (23) (3-0) 248 1
2. Franklin (2) (2-0) 220 2
3. Rockdale (3-0) 182 3
4. Wall (2-1) 162 4
5. Corrigan-Camden (3-0) 143 5
6. Kirbyville (3-0) 106 7
7. Teague (3-0) 84 9
8. Waskom (2-1) 77 8
9. Malakoff (3-0) 61 10
10. White Oak (3-0) 23 NR
Others receiving votes: 11, Grandview 18. 12, Cameron Yoe 11. 13, Arp 8. 14,
Blanco 5. 14, Gunter 5. 14, New Boston 5. 17, Eastland 4. 17, Denver City 4. 19,
Shallowater 3. 20, Lago Vista 2. 20, East Bernard 2. 22, Sonora 1. 22, Spearman
1. <
^Class 2A=
School Total Points Prv
1. Refugio (15) (2-0) 238 1
2. Mart (8) (3-0) 232 2
3. Tenaha (2) (3-0) 188 3
4. Canadian (3-0) 163 4
5. Bremond (3-0) 128 5
6. Albany (3-0) 115 6
7. Shiner (3-0) 103 7
8. Mason (3-0) 84 8
9. Crawford (3-0) 45 9
10. Centerville (2-1) 21 10
Others receiving votes: 11, Stratford 15. 12, Iraan 9. 12, Abernathy 9. 14,
Seagraves 8. 15, Muenster 5. 15, Falls City 5. 17, Alto 4. 18, Hamlin 3. <

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Texas A&M Concludes Play at OFCC Fighting Illini Invitational

OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill. – The Texas A&M men’s golf team wrapped up play at the Olympia Fields Country Club Fighting Illini Invitational Sunday, finishing the event in 11th place.

The Aggies (304-290-306=900, +60) were led by junior Adrià Arnaus (73-71-75=219, +9), who notched his third career top-20 finish by ending play with a share of 17th place.

Tournament host Illinois (294-290-277=861) secured the team title, finishing at 21-over par, while the Illini’s Dylan Meyer (72-70-71=213, +3) and Maverick McNealy of Stanford (71-71-71=213, +3) shared individual medalist honors.

Aggie junior Andrew Lister (75-72-77=224, +14) carded a round of 77 on Sunday to end play with a share of 30th place, while freshman Andrew Paysse (78-72-77=227, +17) and junior Ben Crancer (87-75-77=239 +29) also turned in rounds of 77 to finish in 38th and 70th place, respectively.

Texas A&M men’s golf is back in action this week, traveling to Nashville, Tenn., for the DICK’S Sporting Goods Collegiate Challenge Cup.

Story courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

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Southwest Classic to Kick at 2:30 P.M. on CBS

The 2014 edition of the Southwest Classic, featuring Texas A&M and Arkansas inside AT&T Stadium, will kick at 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 27 and air nationally on CBS.

TV selections for Sept. 27 include:

Saturday, September 27:

SEC NETWORK                               11:00 CT              Vanderbilt at Kentucky

ESPN                                                  11:00 CT              Tennessee at Georgia

CBS                                                       2:30 CT              Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (In Arlington, TX)

SEC NETWORK                                3:00 CT              La. Tech at Auburn

ESPN                                                   6:00 CT              Missouri at South Carolina

SEC NETWORK                               6:30 CT              New Mexico State at LSU

FSN                                                     6:30 CT              Memphis at Ole Miss


The Aggies travel to Dallas this week as well, facing SMU at Ford Stadium at 2:30 p.m. The game will air on ABC regionally and ESPN2 for those not receiving the game on their local ABC station.

Story courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

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Happy Days Continute at Ellis Field with 3-0 Victory over Marquette

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Texas A&M Aggies extended their home win streak to 14 matches on Sunday evening with a 3-0 win over the Marquette Golden Eagles at Ellis Field.

The Aggies have won every match at Ellis Field since playing Baylor to a 0-0 draw on September 8, 2013. The last time Texas A&M lost a home match was a 3-1 decision against Pepperdine on September 1, 2013. It stands as the fifth-longest home win streak for the Aggies and the fourth-longest stretch at Ellis Field.

After playing to a scoreless draw in the first half, Texas A&M (6-1-1) signaled it was on a mission to convert shots into goals coming out of the intermission. After the initial touch of the second half, Kelley Monogue boomed a shot from the center stripe that rattled the crossbar and nearly broke the scoring seal.

The Aggies finally tipped Marquette’s canoe in the 52nd minute. Allie Bailey dribbled at the left corner of the penalty box, slipped a pass to Monogue and blazed a trail into the box. Monogue laced a pass through two defenders back to Bailey and she sent a shot into the right side netting for the 1-0 lead.

Moments later, the Aggies nearly scored another goal with the roles of the give-and-go reversed, but Golden Eagles’ netminder Amanda Engel was able to get a talon on Monogue’s shot, knocking it past the right post.

Defender Leigh Edwards tacked on a second goal with 27 minutes remaining in the second half. The converted forward collected the ball near the center stripe and was given ample space. She took the opportunity to map out a trail to 25 yards out on the left side and fired an arrow that went a few inches south of the crossbar and into the back netting for the 2-0 advantage.

The Aggies brewed the final goal in the 82nd minute. A&M was awarded a penalty kick after Shea Groom was taken down in the box. Groom converted on the penalty kick for her fifth goal of the season.

Marquette nearly found the Northwest Passage on two occasions in the second half, but both times Aggie goalkeeper Renee McDermott shut the door. The first time Alex Heffron was able to slip the defender and go on a run just outside the six-yard box on the left, but McDermott cut off the shooting angle and forced Johnston to shoot into the outside netting in the 50th minute. In the 83rd minute, Jace Jermier had free kick opportunity from 25 yards out and sent a rocket in, but McDermott snuffed it out with a clean save.

In the opening half, Marquette (2-5-1) was unable to make many expeditions into A&M territory as the Aggie defense allowed just three shots in the stanza. The Maroon and White owned advantages in shots (13-3) and shots-on-goal (6-0).

McDermott picked up her third shutout of the season and the fifth of her career. Engel put forth a heroic effort, making 10 saves, including six in the first half.

For the match, A&M held advantages across the board, including shots (24-10), shots-on-goal (13-1) and corner kicks (4-1).
Texas A&M returns to action on Thursday as the Aggies open up SEC play with a 6 pm Central match against the Tennessee Lady Volunteers. The match is slated to be televised on the SEC Network, A&M’s first match to be featured on the conference’s flagship station.


Head Coach
G Guerreri
On Kelley Monogue’s 50-yard shot attempt and how it kick-started the Aggies in the second half…

“In the first half we looked a little bit flat even though we had the advantage in time of possession. We weren’t playing at a very high level. The players were challenged at halftime to start making an impact in the game. I think Kelley’s kick made that impact on the first play of the second half with the attempt from midfield. It was a good eye-opener for the rest of the team and I think that they followed suit. Credit to our seniors, they stepped up tonight and scored three goals for us.”

On how the Aggies adjusted at halftime to win the game…
“We realized that instead of taking what Marquette was giving to us, we needed to start pressing our own agenda. We wanted our midfielders to step up a little bit more because I felt we were disconnected on the attack. And that’s what our girls did.”

Senior forward Allie Bailey
On the importance of her goal, the Aggies’ first of the match…
“I think that first goal is important for our team. We are able to settle down after we get the first one in. It’s important for us to get that first goal in because it allows us to get into a rhythm.”

Story courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

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Texas A&M Football Jumps to 6th in new AP Poll

Record: 2-0
PV Rank




Oregon (17)
Record: 3-0
Record: 3-0
Record: 3-0
Record: 2-0
Record: 3-0
Record: 3-0
Record: 3-0
Record: 3-0
Record: 1-1
Record: 3-0
Record: 1-1
Record: 2-1
Record: 3-0
Record: 2-1
Record: 2-1
Record: 3-0
Record: 1-1
Record: 2-0
Record: 1-1
Record: 2-1
Record: 3-0
Record: 2-1

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Texas A&M Defeats Rice 38-10, Improves to 3-0 on the Season

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (AP) – Kenny Hill threw for 300 yards and four touchdowns and No. 7 Texas A&M overcame a slow start for a 38-10 win over Rice on Saturday night.
The win gives the Aggies a 3-0 record for the first time since 2010.
Texas A&M led by 14 points at halftime, but struggled at times to sustain drives and committed several costly penalties, including one that resulted in a touchdown being called back, in the first half.
They got going after halftime with Hill finding Josh Reynolds on a 20-yard touchdown on the first drive of the third quarter. A 1-yard touchdown run by Tra Carson pushed the lead to 35-10 later in the third.
Hill also had TD passes of 14, 13 and 48 yards and has 1,094 yards passing this season to become the first player in school history to throw for 1,000 yards in the first three games of a season.
Driphus Jackson threw for 212 yards and a touchdown and ran for 84 yards for Rice (0-2).
There was heavy rain in College Station on Friday night and there were a number of divots on the grass field. Rice coach David Bailiff went on the field near some of them at the start of halftime and talked to several people for a couple of minutes before going into the locker room.
Members of the grounds crew ran onto the field during many of the stops in play in the second half to fill the holes. At one point in the third quarter there were 10 people spread across the field working on it.
Reynolds had just two catches but they were both for touchdowns and he finished with 68 yards receiving.
Hill had a nifty run to set up Carson’s score in the third quarter. He zig-zagged his way around several Rice defenders before being tripped up from behind at the 1. The play was initially ruled a touchdown, but it was reviewed and overturned.
Hill was replaced by freshman Kyle Allen with about five minutes remaining. Allen threw an interception to end his only drive.
James Hairston made a 33-yard field goal with less than a minute left in the third quarter for Rice. A career-long 47-yard field goal by Josh Lambo pushed the lead to 38-10 early in the fourth quarter.
A&M took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter when Speedy Noil grabbed a 14-yard pass for his first career touchdown.
The Aggies made it 14-0 on their next possession when Hill found Ricky Seals-Jones for a 13-yard touchdown pass.
The Owls got within a touchdown when Jackson threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Mario Hull.
Reynolds came back to get the ball and then juked Malcolm Hill to evade a tackle on his way to the end zone on a 48-yard touchdown reception that made it 21-7 with 3 1/2 minutes left in the first half.
Hairston hit a 53-yard field goal seconds before halftime that would have made it 21-10, but A&M was flagged for having 12 men on the field and the Owls had to kick again.
The second time it was blocked by Seals-Jones and Armani Watts returned it 93 yards for a touchdown. But those points would be taken away, too. There was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the A&M bench and the would-be TD run became a 35-yard return.
Hairston also missed a 22-yard field goal attempt early in the first quarter.
Story courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

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UPDATE: Adrian Peterson Indicted by Montgomery County Grand Jury

Photo of Adrian Peterson courtesy of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Photo of Adrian Peterson courtesy of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Saturday update from the Associated Press:

HOUSTON (AP) _ A Texas prosecutor says a grand jury backed a child abuse charge against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson after it spent several weeks reviewing “lots of evidence.”

Montgomery County prosecutor Phil Grant said Saturday that parents are entitled to discipline their children, but that grand jury members felt Peterson went too far after they looked at the child’s injuries.

Peterson is charged with causing injury to a child for allegedly spanking one of his sons with a wooden switch on or around May 18. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to two years in prison and fined up to $10,000.

Peterson was booked and released from a Houston-area jail earlier Saturday. The Vikings benched him for this weekend’s home opener against the New England Patriots.

Saturday news release and photo courtesy of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office:

In the early morning hours on Saturday, September 13, 2014, Adrian Peterson turned himself in at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Justice Complex and was booked in on a warrant that was issued against him for injury to a child. Mr. Peterson met all the court order criteria on the warrant for his release. Mr. Peterson was released from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail shortly after being booked in.

Friday news release from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office:

On Thursday, September 11, 2014, a Montgomery County Grand Jury, “true billed”, Adrian Lewis Peterson on a charge of injury to a child. On today’s date at 2:47 PM, a warrant was issued and entered for the arrest of Adrian Peterson for that charge.

Since the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has referred the case to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, and the investigation has led to a, “true bill”, on a criminal offense, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will not discuss details in reference to the case or investigation.

At the time of this release, Adrian Peterson is not in custody at the Montgomery County Jail and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office does not have any details in the arrest of Adrian Peterson.

Original story:


The attorney for Adrian Peterson says the Minnesota Vikings star running back has been indicted by a Texas grand jury on a charge of child abuse.

Attorney Rusty Hardin says the charge in Montgomery County accused Peterson of using a branch, or switch, to spank his son. He says Peterson has cooperated with authorities and “used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son.”

He says Peterson regrets the incident and never intended to harm the boy.

The allegations come during a week in which the NFL has been under heavy scrutiny for the way it handled a domestic abuse case involving former Ravens running back Ray Rice and his then-fiancee. Peterson has rushed for 10,190 yards and 86 touchdowns in eight seasons.

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Reminder: A&M Consolidated to Play on Peace 107

Due to the Texas A&M-Rice game, the A&M Consolidated Tigers-Fort Bend Elkins game is set to be broadcast on Peace 107 instead of 1620 WTAW. Pre-game begins at 5:30 p.m. with a 6 o.m. kick-off.

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